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1 Complete line for the finishing of fake artificial fur, composed of a line of shearing and polishing machines complete with suctioning, rollers width 2.400 mm. useful working width 2.200 mm., presumed year 1990 (the plates are missing) reconditioned as new in the year l 2002, as follows:

N. 1 Polishing and shearing line Manufacturer COMET composed as follows:
1° group
- Introduction of the fur from entry frame
- Beating unit with suctioning
- One group shearing unit with suctioning
- Brushing unit with steel brush + cleaning brush
- Tandem synchronization system by photocells
2° group
- Polishing unit with electrically heated roller
- Suctioning
- Cooling by air
- Tandem synchronization system by photocells
3° group
- One group shearing unit with suctioning
- Tandem synchronization system by photocells
4° group
- Polishing unit with electrically heated roller
- Suctioning
- Cooling by air
- Tandem synchronization system by photocells
5° group
- Polishing unit with electrically heated roller
- Suctioning
- Cooling by air
- Tandem synchronization system by photocells
6° group
- One group shearing unit with suctioning
- Beating unit complete with suctioning
- Brushing unit complete with suctioning
- Final delivery of the fur: by plaiter with adjustable plait from 800 mm. up to 2.000 mm. or by a connection chute to go into the final winding unit.
Final winding unit
- Entry frame with adjustable fabric braking-device,
- Winding unit with fabric guiding chain
- Possibility to form the roll with reverse motion to roll the fabric on the right or back side of the fabric
- Measuring and weighing device complete with printer, new installed 2 years ago
- The above mentioned line is complete of 3 reserve shearing groups, actually sharpened
- The above mentioned line has been reconditioned as new in the year 2002, the new electric control boards complete of Inverter have been redone completely new.

The plant is complete with:
- Frame with sound proof panels, new done 2 years ago
- 1 plant complete with suctioning and compacting of the downs, complete with:
- 1 rotating filter, manufacturer EFFEDUE
- 2 compactors for the downs, manufactured by EFFEDUE, reconditioned as new, 2 years ago
- 2 Briquetting machines, Manufacturer CO.MA.FER, reconditioned as new, 2 years ago
- All piping for the connections between the machines and the suctioning plant of the downs
- 1 compressor for the production of compressed air, manufacturer AIR WORTHINGTON CREYSSENSAC
- 1 drying unit to eliminate the humidity from the compressed air

The plant is actually connected with the electric power and is perfectly running, so it can run during the inspection.
Actually the above mentioned plant is installed in a building of about 600 square meters.

1 MAT machine for special treatment of fabric, type MISTRAL, yoc 2005, for fabric composed of all kind of fiber, for wet and dry.
* max. loading capacity 120 /150 Kg
* 3-4 ropes light fabrics of 100/150 m.
* 2-3 ropes middleweight fabrics of 100/150 m.
* 1 rope heavy fabrics over 1 kg./linear meter
- Rapid scouring of all fibres.
- Enzymatic treatments on natural and artificial fabrics.
- High speed mechanical dry softening
- Drying of pretreated fabrics with chemical softeners
- Soft treatment of knitted fabric with shrinkage and dimensional steadiness
A) Automatic for fine dust
B) Pull-out drawer for big fibres

1 BIANCALANI AIRO 1 1000S yoc 1992 about, only dry, feeding by gas.
1 FLAINOX MULTIFINISH yoc 1999, 3 ropes.

1 BIANCALANI AIRO 1000 yoc 1991, gas feeding
For dry and wet treatements.
240 m each rope.
with EFFEDUE dust compactor.
1 FLAINOX Finishing machine, type MULTIFINISH JUMBO/J 3C, yoc 2004, 3 ropes, gas, system for preparation of baths and product introduction, system of aspiration and air filtration
1 ZONCO discontinuous machine to scour, soften and dry fabrics, type EOLO+, yoc 2007, 2 channels
1 BIANCALANI mod.AIRO/1000/SPE yoc 1992 env., 2 tubes, for dry and wet treatements, steam feeding.
1 FLAINOX Softening Tumbler mod.BEST FINISH yoc 1994, 2 ropes, suitable only for dry fabric about 200 m. each rope.
1 BIANCALANI AIRO 1000 yoc 1991, 2 channels, steam heating, with waste compactor.
1 BIANCALANI AIRO QUATTRO yoc 2000, 4 ropes
Loading capacity: 1200-2400 mm.
Treatment speed 30-1000 m./min.

CARU’ Cloth brushing machine, for dry fabric, type C3, yoc 2004, cylinders width 2200 mm., w. width 2000 mm., composed of:
3 brushes (of which 1 normal and 2 spiral)
electric panel
big roll entry and delivery
Max production speed: 30 m/min
1 EFFEDUE Brushing machine yoc 1989, width 2400 mm.
1 STAMPERIA EMILIANA Brushing, mod. LISA, yoc 1997, cylinders width 1800 mm., work. width 1700 mm., woven fabric
1 TMT Wet brushing machine mod.STC 3D+4R
3 brushes for right and 4 brushes for reverse fabrics.

1 TMT Wet brushing machine mod.STC 4D yoc 1993.
4 brushes for right
Inox steel structure.
1 SPEROTTO Shrinking machine for tubular knitted fabrics, mod. TS – 150, width 1500 mm., steam heating, tension 380/50 HZ.
Machine composed of: In feed unit with J-box accumulator, Foot board, Expanding device, Steamer unit, Double shrinking group, Cooling section with fabric conveyor belt. Exit: folder and rolling device.

1 FERRARO Compacting machine, mod. COMPTEX R/A, yoc 2000, completely revamped in 2011 (control panel, PLC, belts) in 2011, w.width 2.200 mm, with original Ferraro by-pass.
1 FERRARO Compactor machine, mod. COMPTEX/FV, yoc 1995, suitable for tubular knitting fabric, width minim. 200 mm. - max 1200 mm., input folding system, pre-steamer, compactor, cooling zone, delivery rolling system autom. change or plaiting.
Machine in excellent conditions.
1 RAMISCH GUARNERI Calander Type RGK.372.2400, year 2002
Cylinder width 240 cm, working width 220 cm, maximum pressure 72 tons
3 cylinders: 1 Racolan dia. 600, 1 Chromed steel dia. 350, 1 polymer dia. 650
Thermo-oil heating (with its small integrated boiler)
Entry for big rolls BIANCO, delivery batcher for big rolls BIANCO
1 KETTLING E BRAUN calender, yoc 1963, w..width 1800 mm., CORINO weftsraighter
1 KUSTERS calender, type 212, 50-1800, yoc 1983, w. width 1800 mm., 2 cylinders, HTT cylinders heating group, CEIA metaldetector, control panel
1 COST-FER Calender
table width 2000 mm., w.width 1800 mm.
4 cylinders: 1st paperwool, 2nd heated steel, 3rd paparwool, 4th paperwool.
Adjustable pressure up to max 28.000 kgs.
Entry with double roll and doganl widener.
Delivery collecting on little roll.
A.c. motor with Inverter.
1 RAMISCH KLEINEWEFERS Calender type NIPCO FLEX yoc 1989, w.width 1800 mm., 3 cylinders (1 polish steel, 1 Teflon, 1 opaque steel), 2 embossed cylinders extra, thermo oil heating with independent boiler
3-cylinder but works alternatively either with the lower cylinder (polished) or with the upper cylinder (satin).
1 ANZINI Calender yoc 2001, 50 tons pressure, roller width 2000 mm., 2 rollers: 1 inox steel and 1 racolan, seam detector, Inverter type.
Excellent conditions
Immediate availability.

1 LEMAIRE Calender for laminated PVC mod.MVCM 986 yoc 1990, width 1800/1900 mm., 1 embossing cylinder, electric heating.

1 COLOMBO Embossing Calender, reconditioned 1998, table width 1600 mm., revolver/unwinder, pre-heating roller, 2 cooling rollers, without infrared platform.
1 CALEMARD Belt cutting machine year 1997, working width maxi 1.60 m
5 knives for hot cutting (heating cartridges, stainless steel, length 60mm)
1 STRACHAN & HENSHAW sheeter, yoc 1998, cutting length 400 mm. to 1400 mm., working speed 500 m./min., with option: tile sheet transport, longitudinal trimming / cutting, hydraulic stacker h. 1400 mm., 2 " flag showing off " stacks markers, unwinder with 2 coils
- 1 NESI & PUGI Cutting-Sewing machine mod.TC/14L yoc 2004, w.width max 1850 mm., 380 Volts.

1 TEXMA single sewing machine, mod. T-TB-S, yoc 2002, tubular unfolding
1 MONTI Continuous sewing line mod.12-105 type CA2-989 yoc 1995, with suction plant and filter.

1 MONTI Sewing machine mod.CAS-2190R yoc 1989 about, width 1200 mm.
1 GRASSI Border machine, type Z 443 GS, yoc 2010, automatic sewing machine for customizing of matress borders, work. field 300 mm., 3D type combined with zipper and personalized tapes, complete of cross cutter, 2 markers for edges, monitor touch screen
1 GRASSI manual handle sewing machine, type Z 2.2 BS, yoc 2010, allows to stick fabric handles over the mattress border, and to sew labels on the borders or on quilted fabrics, design dimension 40x50 mm. working suface 100x200 mm.
1 SPEROTTO RIMAR Continuous Decatising machine, year 1985
Type MULTI DECAT, belt width 1.80 m
With 1 COREFIX weft straightener
1 BISIO Wet fixing machine, year 1993
Type FIXWOOL, cylinder width 2 m
1 SPEROTTO Continuous decatizing machine mod.MULTIDECAT yoc 1985, width 2000 mm.

1 M-TEC Continuous Decatizing machine, mod. SUPERFINISH, yoc 1999, table width 1800 mm., silicon belt, complete with entry group, delivery, thermo oil boiler, with n.1 CORINO NORMATEX SUPER N Weftstraightener yoc 1999, pins.
1 SPEROTTO RIMAR continuous decatising machine, mod. MULTIDECAT 2, yoc 1990, cylinders width 1900 mm., work. width 1700 mm., machine speed 0-40 Mt/Min., 1 steaming bowl, fabric cooling system, delivery plane folder.
Undercloth and manchon have been changed in March 2015
1 SPEROTTO RIMAR Continuous Decatizing machine, mod. SP9 A DECOFAST, yoc 2003, width 2000 mm.
1 BIELLA SHRUNK PROCESS Continuous Decatizing machine, mod. THERMO DUPLEX, yoc 2010, table width 2000 mm., exit folding system /big roll.

More details and photos on request.

1 BIELLA SHRUNK PROCESS Continuous Decatizing machine, mod. THERMO DUPLEX 90, yoc 2007, table width 1900 mm.
1 BIELLA SCHRUNK Decatising Autoclave Type KD, year 1983
Maximum working width 1.80 m
Autoclave dia. 1100 mm (length 2.40 m)
Revolver system with 2 positions
1 MARIO CROSTA semi-continuous Decatising machine, year 1995
Type DSSIE/ H1800, working width 1.80 m
1 TMT KD Decatising Autoclave, model PF 1293 Multiprogram
Year 1997, capacity 600m
1 MARIO CROSTA Decatising Autoclave Type DSS/E, year 1996
Maximum working width 1.800 mm
CORINO weft Straightener type NORMATEX SUPER N
1 BISIO Discontinuous Decatizing machine mod.VAPORFINISH BASIC yoc 2001, table width 2250 mm., satin width 1840 mm., capacity 400 m.

1 TMT KD Discontinuous decatizing machine, mod. PF 2000 NEW 1293 MULTIPROGRAM, yoc 1993, width 1880 mm., reel diam. 410 mm., capacity 400 m.
1 SPEROTTO RIMAR Discountinuous Decatizing machine mod.SK-B/900 yoc 1996, table width 1900 mm., with :
1 CORINO Weftstraightener.

1 TMT Decatizing machine, mod. PF2000 NEW 1293 MULTIPROGRAM, yoc 1997, working width 1700 mm., drum in stainless steel, autoclave diam.1200 mm., beam dia.410 mm., power 39 kw.

Price reduction for quick deal

1 TMT KD mod.MULTIPROGRAM NEW PF 2000 1593 yoc 1997ce
Stainless steel autoclave dia.1500 mm.
33 Stainless steel cylinders dia. 550 mm. each.
New computer for full machine drive and setting installed in 2011 by TMT
Cooling and folder.
Max production 2400 m. per hour on wool worsted fabrics base.
Machine perfect

1 BIELLA SHRUNK PROCESS Decatizing machine mod.KD yoc 1995, 3 cylinders dia.600 mm., autoclave dia.1600 mm.
1 MENSCHNER doubling and rolling machine, Type RW33D, year 1984
Working width 320cm, doubling width 150cm
1 JOHANNES MENSCHNER Doubling and rolling machine, Type RW 24/59 D, year 1990
Working width 1000 mm, with analogic counter and HOOGS cutting unit
1 BIANCO/LAZZATI/MONTI Machine to prepare fabric from roll to big roll, table width 3500 mm., w.width 3200 mm., composed of:
-Aspiration group.
-J-Box LAZZATI LAFRA C320 yoc 1989.
-E&L Wideners
-BIANCO Widener and rolling up system mod.AL.

1 TESSILMECCANICA Doubling and rollling machine yoc 2001, input width 3200 mm., output width 1600 mm.
1 LAZZATI Doubling machine
1 ICBT Cloth packing machine, year 1995, Type EF 100, width 260 cm
Welding of Plastic film: longitudinal and extremity
5 feeding and evacuation belts, pivoting arm, wall bracket
1 CORIMATEX Packing machine for plaiters of knitting fabric yoc 1999.
1 VACUUM PUMP Packing machine mod.AM90HNA yoc 1995, packing with shrink oven
1 GRAMEGNA Shrink Packing machine yoc 1983, oven 16 Kw, bar 500 mm., suitable also for fabric.
1 SAC non-stop automatic packaging machine, type IMPAK – BC 1400 x 600, unwinding speed 343 m./hour
- products dimensions:
*boxes: min. h 100 mm., width 900 mm.; max. h 400 mm, width 470 mm.
*rolls: min. diam. 100 mm., max. diam. 600 mm.
- production per hour:
*361 pieces for products 500 mm. long
*236 pieces for products 1000 mm. long
*140 pieces for products 2000 mm. long.
It is possible to pack longer products too

1 GRASSI packing machine for mattresses, type Z 100 SM, yoc 2010, semi-autoamtic, single group, cuts and seals 2 bobbins + marks brand, complete of rolling machine
1 PLM DYNAPAK Packing machine mod.424/CM yoc 2006, CE, max width 1800 mm., minimum width 900 mm., minimum dia.80 mm., max diameter 400 mm., max weight 60 kgs., max production 60 rolls/h., max polythene width 2400 mm.
1 LA MECCANICA Packing machine yoc 1995 about, width 2000 mm., in polythene wall, transversal welding it does not close the head.

1 MENSCHNER sueding machine Type WIS II, year 1984, w.width 2 m, 5 sanding rollers
1 SPEROTTO RIMAR Sueding machine, year 1988, Type SM/4
Cylinder width 1.90 m
4 sanding rollers
1 LAFER Sueding machine, Type GSI224 A, year 1999
Table width 2 m, 2 drums with 24 cylinders each
1 BIANCALANI Sueding machine, mod. PETRA, yoc 1997, w. width 1800 mm., input folding or rolling up system, delivery rolling up system.

1 CARU’ sand-paper sueding machine yoc 1990, widht 1900 mm, 4 cylinders, input folding system, delivery folding or roll, 2 brushes in exit.

1 SUCKER MULLER Sueding machine mod.SF4C yoc 1998, table width 1800 mm., 4 paper cylinders.
1 ALETTI Sueding machine non complete, with unwing, winding, brushing, buffer.
2 SPEROTTO - LA MECCANICA Sueding Lines (1) yoc 2001 et (1) yoc 2003/2002, table width 1850 mm.,each line composed of:
*1 LA MECCANICA Fabric unrolling system with beams unwinder trolley.
*1 SPEROTTO Sueding machine mod.SM/1 yoc 2001/2003.
*1 LA MECCANICA Tangential Rolling system yoc 2001/2002.
*1 TREVIGIANA IMPIANTI Filter yoc 2001/2002.
Electric fan and zinc tubes.
1 CARU' Sueding machine, width 2000 mm., cylinders width max 2200 mm., 6 cylinders, with wideners for knitting.
1 STAMPERIA EMILIANA Sueding machine mod.LISA 3F DP-2100 yoc 2003, suitable for woven and knitting fabric, table width 2200 mm., w.width 2000 mm., 3 carbon brushes, delivery folder or rolling up system, suction device.
1 STORK coating machine type PD IV - 2600/C year 1994
width of scrapper 2,80 m, working printing width 2,60 m
Sold with 1 Scrapper washing machine type Wasplaat 3800
1 Coagulation line yoc 2001, width 1800 mm., composed of: 1 Coagulation head; 1 Coagulation vat 6.000 liters; 8 washing vats of 3000-4000 liters, each vat with squeezing padder; 2 supplementary washing vats; delivery big rolls.
To this installation it is possible to add:
*1 small stenter frame, 6 meters, heated by independent boiler with themo-oil, fabric is supported by belt drive.
*2 cylinders thermo-oil heated dia.500 mm.
*1 second winding up on roll.
Machine used to coagulate solvents on fabrics for clothes (lining), fabric like goratex.
Machine was processing light fabrics w.width 1600 mm.
The coating width is 1800 mm.
Micrometer coating
N.1 Coating and Flocking line yoc 1991 but machines have run very few hours (1000 hours). , total length abt. 60 m., composed of:
- big rolling system.
-1 Couple of feeding cylinders
-1 Coating desk
-1 Flocking device
-1 TEXTIMA stenter frame, type 6595 yoc 1991, width 2000 mm.,Input field length 4200 mm, 8 compartments total length 24 m., pins and clips chain, speed 2,5-40 m./min., automatic chain lubrification, diathermic oil heating.
-4 cooling cylinders
-1 ISOTEX Brushing machine.
-Delivery big rolling system.

The line is still assembled
Location: North Italy, nearest airport Milano Malpensa.
More photos, details and technical drawing on request.

1 Coating line AIGLE yoc 2004, working width from 1100 mm. to 2400 mm. max, J-box, coating head, infra-red dryers, stenter 8 m. steam heating, 1 calender smooth and 1 embossing calender, 1 coating head, 1 stenter 25 m. steam heating, rolling device with cutting.
The line is suitable for heavy fabric and carpet.

1 BOMBI Foaming machine for latex with pump.

1 ZIMMER Coating machine, type VP-AL 2400, yoc 1990, cylinder width 2700 mm., w. width 2500 mm.
1 EFFEDUE Stenter frame year of construction 2002
table width 1800 mm., working width 1600 mm.
3 double compartments - total oven lenght 15 m. - gas Icotec heating - 6 burners of 175 kw - max total power 1050 kw.
vertical chain only pins
Without electrical panel
Machine was used after coagulation.

N.1 FAMATEX plane stenter, table width 2500 mm., w. width 2200 mm., mechanical speed from 3 till 30 meters, composed of:
- 1 Fabric unwinder
- 1 Compensator
- 1 Multifunctional coating head
blade in air
coating cylinder
micro perforated head
Impregnation vat
- 1 Oven
- 1 Cooling unit
- 1 Winder
1 MARIO CROSTA Double Thermoplastic Powder Scattering Line, yoc 2015, table width 1800 mm., max. fabric width 1600 mm., mechanical speed max 30 m./ min., consisting of:
-motorized axial unwinding unit for release paper
-low platform for operator
-pneumatic dandy roll
-spreading table, air doctor blade
-infrared tunnel 4 m.
-motorized cylinder
-pyrometer and automatic IR regulator
-blower system
-operator low platform
-pneumatic dandy roll
-spreading table
-air raciain
-infrared tunnel 4 m.
-motorized cylinder
-pyrometer and automatic IR regulator
-simplex unwinding unit for coupling fabric
-calender unit
-manual insertion group discontinuous skins,
-2 axial winders electric box
Very good condition.
1 HENRY PAULUS backcoating and shearing line for carpets, yoc 1996/0, line cylinder width 4660 mm. - Fabric width 4200 mm.
Composed of:
feeding, J box, applicator, drying chambre with 10 burners heated by steam, manual kitchen, brushing unit with J box,
*1 CROSTA shearing machine, type CTD/95, yoc 1996, 2 shearing cylinders, width 4.460 mm., working width 4300 mm., 33 spirals, buffer;
*1 MAGETRON longitudinal cutter, type MT1/90, yoc 1990, 7 knives.
Feeding by roll or folding system, speed 10 l.m./min.

1 LEMAIRE Thermo-printing & laminating machine
Type ROLLINGSTATIC SMZ 791, year 1991
Working width utile 3.20 m, electric heating
13 FERBER Rolling machines of which:
(6) mod.ES62
(1) mod.ES63
(6) mod.ES64
yoc 1995-96, width 3400 mm.

1 CORINO Rolling up machine for big rolls, yoc 2007, table width 2000 mm., w.width 1800 mm.

1 DETTORI Rolling machine mod.SK100M, yoc 1999, table width 2000 mm.

1 TESCO Rolling machine, type TESTA ARRO 2200, yoc 1997
1 BIANCO Sewing-Rolling machine yoc 1999, w.width 4000 mm., with tensionless.
1 OFFRI Sewing-rolling machine yoc 1997, w.width 400 mm.
1 PAGANINI Machine for preparation of big rolls, cylinders width 3200 mm.
1 LAZZATI Inspecting and Rolling machine mod.LAFRA GR/GR yoc 2002, for grey fabric, nominal width 3600 mm., working speed from 0 to 80 m./min., electronic countermeter, feeding from big roll, winding on big roll or on little roll for second choice waste.
1 PAGANINI Rolling machine.
1 MT Beams Rolling machine mod.MT yoc 2010, table width 4200 mm., w.width 3800 mm.
1 TESTA Rolling up machine mod.111 LBT EK2P yoc 2003, width 1900 mm., with autom. packing and roll changing.
1 SIMAT Preparation machine, width 1900 mm.
1 SPEROTTO RIMAR Belt cloth setting machine, type MULTISET 2 yoc 1997, width 2000 mm., w. width 1800 mm., suitable to process wet woollen fabric, silicon belt, entry group with J-BOX, centering device, CORINO weftstraightener mod.CMP 20D yoc 1997 at pins, Squeezing Padder, fixing cylinder, folding output.

1 SCHMITT Coat/foaming machine SM 2000, year 1978
Working width 210 cm
1 OSTHOFF Cloth singeing machine mod.ST80 yoc 1980, table width 2800 mm., with brushing in exit.
1 OSTHOFF Singeing machine, mod. ST80, yoc 1988/2012, width 2000 mm., composed of: introduction group with brushing, Corino centering device, singening with refrectories yoc 2012, 2 burners (front/back), double brushes, delivery folding, aspiration group in stainless steel AISI 316.
Without hood
Without Scrabber.
Machine is now running with wool fabric, but it is also suitable for cotton and blend.

- 1 AIGLE Flocking head width 1800 mm.
1 BIANCO double Squeezing Padder, year 1997
Cylinder width 2.20 m
N. 01 BETA Impregnation and squeezing padder- EQUIPRESSURE : Table Width 1800 mm., working width 1600 mm., air pressure 12.000 Kgs. - N.03 cylinders: superior Ø 300 rubber – central Ø 150 inox – inferior Ø 300 rubber, C.c. geared motor - synchronization sliding gear - electric and pneumatic panel.
1 BRAZZOLI Squeezer AIR-BALLON mod.AST yoc 1995, 2 cylinders, maximum cylinder table width 1300mm, tension 380/50 HZ., complete with sensor and turn basket device, delivery folding system.
1 MUTOH Digital printing machine, Type VIPER TX100 digital
Year 2007, width 260cm, Direct to textile and dye sublimation printer
1 DGEN ARTRIX GT11 Belt Textile Digital Printer, year 2014
4/8 colour Piezo electric drop on demand
16 Print heads, variable dot size
Maximum Print width 1800 mm
High quality printing in 8 colour mode between 35-100 sq/mt hour
With standard cloth Dryer, PC server
1 ZIMMER Rotary Printing machine for tubular fabric yoc 1985/2005 about, printing w.width 1000 mm., 4 colours, speed 25/30 m./1', with electric Dryer, electric panel yoc 2005, suitable for pigment.
1 ZIMMER digital printing machine, type CHROMOJET LT 35, yoc 2005, 8 pumps, 32 ijets each color, maximum printing width 2150 mm.,
-maximum repeat length 50 m.,
-resolution (dot size) 600 pt/m. (1666 mm.),
-conveyor belt length 8480 mm., width 2300 mm., number of colours 8,
-air pressure on site max 6 bars, water pressure on site max 3 bars,
-working hours 600 h. about,
-power supply 400 Votls/50 Hz,
-Machine's sizes: 4150 mm. x 3820 mm. x h.1600 mm.
-Machine is processing pile fabric, rug, and carpet etc , but the machine can process all kind of fabric.

1 REGGIANI Rotary printing machine, type RQ2, yoc 1990, work. width max 3200 mm., 9 magnetic heads, (expandable up to 12 heads), 9 color pumps, oven with 4 chamber oil heated, entry big roll or fabric folded, delivery double big roll or plaiter, heads movement with brushless motor, BIANCO brushing device, powder suction device.
1 STORK BRABANT B.V. Rotary Printing machine, mod. RDDD RD DIRECT DRIVE, yoc 1997, w. width 1850 mm.
- N° 12 colours
- Ratios: 640 mm, 820 mm, 910 mm, 1010 mm.
- Stork drying oven with double passage, 5 chambers, steam heated
- Delivery in plait
- Washing unit for the rollers
- Washing unit for the doctor blades
- For woven fabrics,
- Available mechanical and electrical spare parts.

1 Printing line reconditioned in 1995, w.width 1800 mm., suitable for knitting fabric, composed of:
*1 Rolls Unwinding system.
*1 Rotogravure printing head.
*1 ZIMMER Head MAGNETWALZER RBIIW yoc 1984, 1 cylinder.
*1 ICOMATEX Dryer, direct gas heating, 2 compartments.
1 REGGIANI Sample Printing Machine, model UNI-STAR Type 514/17, year 2004
Width 350 cm (working width 320 cm), table Length 16 meter, single colour
Blanket drying Unit
1 MS Rotating table for printing mod.402SP yoc 1993, fabric width 1650 mm., max looms internal dimension 2050 x 1800 (max ratio 1900), belt lenght 78,5 m., with Dryer.

1 MS Rotating table for printing mod.402 yoc 1996, fabric width 1800 mm., max looms internal dimension 2150 x 2100 (max ratio 2000), new belt lenght 80 m., continuous printing, with Dryer.

3 VIERO Printing tables, type PRINT SIGMA, yoc 2005, belt width 2000 mm., length 40 meters.
1 TRANSMATIC Thermo-printing Calander, Type GFO126/60, year 2008
Width 320 cm, electric heating, cylinder diameter 60
1 LEMAIRE Thermo-printing Calander ROLLINGSTATIC
Type SP 474/R, year 2004, thermo-oil heated cylinder
Belt width 1,85 m, cylinder width 2 m, Cylinder dia. 360 mm
1 MECA.TEX Transfer Printing machine, type TS 1800/900 width 1900 mm., yoc 1997, with:
*1 Entry MTG, type IS 340, yoc 1995 (ENTRY)
*1 Delivery MTG Rolling Up Machine, type AR-340, yoc 1995

Composed of:
. imput with J-BOX
. Brushing Device
. Expander Stenter
. Transfer Calender
. Barrel da.1000, Heated Oil Diathermic
. Natural Gas Boiler
. Warehouse of Entry
. Brush with intake of fabric and bagging the same
. Effective machine controlled by little ram with chain
. Accumulation of output with rolling

For the purchase of the only transfer machine
1 SIGMA SIVO Transfer thermo-printing machine, type ANDRY PLUS 2200/800, yoc 2002, width 2230 mm., cylinder diam. 800 mm.
1 LEMAIRE Transfer Thermo-Printing Machine
Yoc 1990
Table width 2100 mm.
Belt width 1900 mm.
W.Width 1800 mm.
Cylinder dia.500 mm.
New belt.
1 Inkjet MIMAKI, printing w.width 1620 mm.

1 Printing line yoc 1987, table width 1800 mm., w.width 1600 mm., composed of:
*1 COLOMBO Rotogravure printing head, 3 cylinders of 3 colours.
*1 Dryer, thermo oil heating, belt lenght 22 m
1 ROBUSTELLI Digital Printing machine mod. MONNA LISA ML160 M12, yoc 2008, printing w.width 1600 mm., 8 colours.

2 KONICA Digital Printing machines, mod. NASSANGER VII, yoc 2010 - 2011, width 1800 mm., 8 colours.
1 CROSTA Teasel raising machine yoc 1969, w.width 1700 mm., 2 drums of 24 shafts, with slide system.

1 CROSTA Teasel raising machine, reconditioned 2000, 2 drums.

1 MARIO CROSTA Teasel Raising machine mod.CHD90VF yoc 1998, with special raising fillet, 14 raising fillets for each drum.
1 LAFER raising machine with 2 layered drums, year 1987
Type GRV-80 DUPLEX, equipped for tubular knitted fabrics
Drum width 230 cm, working width 225 cm
1 CROSTA Raising machine mod.MC10/36 yoc 1994, w.width 2000 mm., 1 drum, 36 cylinders, input and delivery with folding system.

1 LAMPERTI Raising machine mod.L66 RV yoc 1973, w.width 2600 mm., 24 cylinders.
1 CROSTA Raising Line, suitable for knitting fabric ,composed of:
*1 Raising machine mod. MC10/36 HS, yoc 1990,36 cylinders, width 1880 mm.
*1 Raising machine mod. MC10/36, yoc 1989, 36 cylinders, width 1880 mm.
1 CROSTA Raising/Shearing line, table width 2000 mm., w.width 1800 mm., composed of:
*1 Raising mod.MC60/24 yoc 1996.
*1 Shearing mod.CMA/1 yoc 1988.
1 MAT Milling machine, type 4 STAGIONI TURBO, yoc 1991, 2 ropes
1 WET-TEX Continuous washing range, year 1998
Cylinders width 340 cm, working width 320 cm
Production speed 30 m /min
2 main washing compartments (intensive washing compartments)
1 rinsing or neutralizing compartment
Between drainage facilities (mill/ aspirate)
1 MCS Washing range Type LAVAPRINT
Year 1990 +/-
Working width 1.80 m
3 vats
BIANCO Introduction
1 KUSTERS washing/treatment range, year 1976/1995, w. width 2m, comprising:
1 Impregnation vat, 1 washing vat, 1 squeezer
1 BABCOCK continuous Washing range, year 1998, width 2 m
1 LA MECCANICA unwinder with 1 accumulation belt
2 Spray-Flow Washing chambers
2 Squeezers
1 Relaxing Chamber
1 Squeezer
2 Spray-Flow Washing chambers
1 Squeezer
Batching delivery

1 KUSTERS open width washing range, yoc 1990, w. width 1800 mm, 6 washing vats - (3) MEANDER and (3) with vertical course. Electrical pannel to be rebuilt.
1 KUSTER GOLLER Continuous open width/rope washing range, yoc 1974, w. width 1800 mm., composed of: 4 Kuster Vibrotexopen width units + 1 Goller open width unit and 4 Goller rope units. Complete of detwister and delivery on folding system.
workshop reconditioned in 2000 by CIMI
Table height 2000 mm, working height 1800 mm.
Length 12 m
Width 4 m.

Fabric feeding assembly from plaiting device
Composed by:
Robust stainless steel bearing structure
Centering-widening device with steering guide with 2 steel rollers
Optical detector for automatic monitoring of the fabric position independent of the width differences, placed in the central part of the machine.
Dancing roller with pneumatic regulation of the tension of the fabric being fed.

Impregnation tank
Treatment tank, 25m capacity, with 7000 kg padding mangle
Fabric contained 25 m.
Composed by:
Fabric accumulation tank for chemical or natural high temperature fixing treatment (max 98°C) with inclined bottom, channel for the collection of the recirculation bath and self bearing, electro-welded side elements. The upper part is closed with removable sealing lids, equipped with automatic safety end stops.
No. 6 side hinged opening doors in tempered glass with quick release closing system.
No. 4 perforated pipes for the uniform distribution of the hot bath, positioned above the lower rollers, with quick release couplings for extraction, equipped with external piping system for connection to the recirculation pump with manual valve for the bath adjustment. The mentioned piping system is equipped with pressure gauge.
Heating element for indirect steam heating on the bottom of the tank with a wide radiation surface.
Pair of spiraled steel rollers controlled by with fixed speed alternating current motor. They prevent the selvedges to roll up and the formation of longitudinal folds on the fabric. Automatic positioning on the working area and possibility to be disconnected.
7000 kg squeezing padding mangle composed by two steel rollers, the lower covered with ebonite, the upper covered with rubber. 7000 kg maximum squeezing pressure obtained with 2 pneumatic rollers with adjustable pressure.

Washing tank model ‘Double Washing’ with 2000 kg padding mangle.
Fabric contained 10 meters.
No. 7 pipes with special spraying nozzles with quick release couplings for extraction, equipped with external piping system for connection to the recirculation pump with a manual valve for the adjustment of the rinsing bath. The piping system is equipped with a pressure gauge.
No. 2 recirculation pumps in stainless steel with mechanical seal, suction assembled to the filters. Flow rate of each pump 350 l at 1 BAR. The delivery side of each pump is connected to the spraying nozzle bars of each washing section.
Pair of spiraled steel rollers controlled by with fixed speed alternating current motor. They prevent the selvedges to roll up and the formation of longitudinal folds on the fabric. Automatic positioning on the working area and possibility to be disconnected.
2000 kg squeezing padding mangle composed by two steel rollers, the lower covered with ebonite, the upper covered with rubber. 2000 kg maximum squeezing pressure obtained with 2 pneumatic rollers with adjustable pressure.
Washing tank model ‘Double Washing’, with 7000 kg padding mangle.
Fabric contained 10 m
Thermal shock tank, with 1500 kg padding mangle
Fabric contained 3 m
Composed by:
Pair of spiraled steel rollers controlled by with fixed speed alternating current motor. They prevent the selvedges to roll up and the formation of longitudinal folds on the fabric. Automatic positioning on the working area and possibility to be disconnected.
15000 kg squeezing padding mangle composed by two steel rollers, the lower covered with ebonite, the upper covered with rubber. 15000 kg maximum squeezing pressure obtained with 2 pneumatic rollers with adjustable pressure.

Outlet assembly, combined, endless plaiting device and big roll winding
Composed of 2 moving plaiting devices for fabric plaiting on trolley and automatic trolley changeover.
Device for automatically enabling or disabling the plaiting device or the winder motors according to the desired use.

1 MAT Open width washing range mod.VIBRO yoc 1994, w.width 2000 mm., 4 vats.

1 MEZZERA Open Width washing machine type VB updated 2002, table width 2400 mm., w.width 2200 mm., first single vessel 36.000 lts. lenght 7500 mm., 2 washing vats, folding exit.

1 BENNINGER Pre-treatment line year 2005, composed of:
• 1 Entry frame complete with tow padder
• 1 FORTRACTA pre treatment unit - fabric content mt. 5
• 1 J/box scry with E+L cloth guides
• 2 EXTRACTA LG DA6 wasch un it - fabric content mt 28 each
• 1 Benninger sqeezer - max pressure 550/N/cm.
• 1 BEN-IMPACTA impregnating unit
• 1 Dosing Kitchen with 7 products
• 1 Benninger steamer mod. DL 105T3E
• 1 Steam dosing unit
• 1 FORTRACTA - fabric content mt. 5
• 2 EXTRACTA LG DA6 - fabric content mt. 28
• 1 EXTRACTA LG DA6 - fabric content mt. 28
• 1 BENNINGER squeezing padder - max pression 550 N/cm.
• 1 compensator with dancer cylinder
• 1 Exit unit with big roll arm device
• 1 Small control panel
• 1 Main BEN-CONTROL main eletric panel

1 GERBER Soda machine, table width 3380 mm., w.width 3200 mm.
1 CIMI Continuous Open Width washing range mod.LAVANOVA SUPERFIX yoc 1998, table width 2000 mm.
1 MAT washing machine, type SUPERVELOX DRY, yoc 1989, w. width 1800 mm.
1 DETTIN Rope washing machine for wool, rubber cylinders
1 SPEROTTO RIMAR continuous solvent carbonizing and washing machine
Type CARBOSOL, year 1991, cylinder width 230 cm, working width 220 cm
3 chambers, washing with Perchloroethylene, with all the recovering unit
1 SPEROTTO RIMAR complete Solvent Scouring line Type NOVA 220/1000
year 1998, fully overhauled in 2012 by SPEROTTO
Width 220 cm, working width 200 cm
With recovery and recycling throughout the washing and drying process
1 SPEROTTO RIMAR Carbonizing & Washing line type CARBOSOL 220/1000/1500WS, yoc 1996, cylinders table width 2200 mm., w.width 2000 mm., max working speed 8-80 m./min., evaporation capacity drying chambers-PER 1500 kgs./h.
380 Volts/50 Hz.

required pressure min.6 bars - max consumption 1900 kgs./h.

Compressed air:
required pressure min.6 bars - max consumption 50 l/h.

Cooling water:
use quantity 65 cubic meters /h.
required pressure min.3 bars.
Input temperature max 28°C.
Output temperature 40-45°C.

Total weight:
dry 58.400 kgs.
in running condition: 77.000 kgs.

Consumptions refers to 100% wool fabric weighing 510 g/ml with width 1700 mm., for a production:
Washing 1500 kgs./h.
Washing and carbonizing 1000 kgs./h.

1 BRUCKNER Rope Washing and Bleaching line, 10 vats
1 Finishing line for synthetic fur composed of:
2 COMET Polrotor machines.
2 VANNINI Shearing machines.
1 HEINZ HERGERT Brushing machine.

Machines fully refurbished in 2000
Working width 1800 mm.
Polrotor cylinder 550/600 turn/minute, passage speed 14/15 m./minute.
Shearing cylinder 550/600 turn/minute, passage speed 14/15 m./minute.

1 RAMALLUMIN Thermofixing Oven yoc 1997, width 2000 mm., 8 cylinders dia.800 mm., stainless steel, temp.220°C., thermo oil heating

1 SPEROTTO - RIMAR Cylinders Dryer, table width 2000 mm., w.width 1850 mm., 8 steel cylinders, cylinders dia.800 mm., pression 5 bars, max temperature 158°C., a.c. motors.

Machine will be fully refurbished with:
-N.08 steel cylinders rectified as new.
-N.08 rotatives Joints flessibilied for steam connection (new)
-N.01 SIEMENS Motor ( new)
-N.01 VACON Inverter (new)

1 OMEZ Mercerizing machine for tubolar cloth yoc 1980.

1 MECCANOTESSILE /CABER/OTHERS Mercerising machine for continuous open knitting fabric, yoc 1985/88 about, CABER soda vat, with table cylinder width 2400 mm., w.width 2200 mm., 5 washing vats with carpet River to reduce tension, delivery folding system.
1 BENNINGER Mercerizing Line mod.MGA8-S-1E- EXTRACTA, yoc 1985/2003, composed of:
Mercerizing machine table width 2000 mm., max w.width 1900 mm.
Fabric introduction device.
Padder 2 cylinders.
3 Soda washing vats at cylinders.
1 Stabilization vat hot water.
4 Washing vats hot water.
1 Vat cold water.
Delivery big roll.
Soda preparation and stocking kitchen.
1 Multi motor Driving device for mercerizing line BENNINGER BEN-CONTROL yoc 1985/2003.
Electronic panel 2003.

1 BIANCO Detwister line yoc 1999, table width 2400 mm., complete of:
-Revolving platform.
-Cutting machine for tubular
-squeezing group J-box (fully in stainless steel)
-centering and widening group.
-folding group.

1 BIANCO tubular squeezing detwister, yoc 1999
1 BIANCO Detwister, yoc 1994, w.width 2000 mm., with J-BOX, stainless steel squeezer, for wet material.

1 GROV GUIDO REGIS Detwister, yoc 1994, w.width 2000 mm.
1 “BINOVA” Stainless Rope opening Width work 2000 mm. - Electrical Power 380/50 Hz
The equipment is essentially formed by: Detwister unit; Motorized Beater unit; nr.04 expanding devices with spiral cylinders; centering device Type Dogal; Plaiter; Electrical panel.

1 CORINO Detwister mod.FLC3 yoc 2000.
1 BIANCO Rope Opener yoc 1992, with autom. detwister, squeezer, J-box.
Tabel width 2400 mm., working width 2000 mm.
Stainless Steel
Bianco Detwister group
Beater Group
Widener group with spiral cylinders.
Dogal slatted centring device.

1 CORINO detwister, type FLC 3, yoc 2002, table width 2.000 mm., with trolley plaiter, stainless steel reel.
1 BIANCO Detwister composed of BIANCO Cutter yoc 1999 modified and updated 2014, with folding inox steel table 2400 x 2200 mm.
1 BIANCO rope opener type APRICORDA, year 2001, width 3,20 m
1 SALVADE' Polymerizing machine for samples mod.PTR yoc 2003, width 2000 mm., up to 160/180°C, folding fabric capacity about 20 m., folding height 1550 mm., inf. belt useful length 2200 mm
1 SALVADE' Polymerizing machine yoc 1985 about, cylinders width 3360, w. width 3200 mm., gas heating, temp.180/200°C., fabric capacity 120 m. about.
1 DOMISSE Expander Stenter mod.RAME 235 yoc 2000, w.width 2400 mm.

1 O.T.P. (OFFICINA TESSILMECCANICA PRATESE) Expander Stenter mod.ETRUSCA 2000, yoc 1996.
W.width: 800-1800 mm.
2 Compartments : 1 Steaming and 1 Dryeing through aspiration.
Steam feeding.
Max roll dia.900 mm.
Minimum roll dia.100 mm.
Max roll weight: 120 kgs.
15-400 gr/square meter.
Minimum /Maximum production: 8-100 m./min.
Installed power: 27 kw.
Consumption power: 22 kw.

1 EFFEDUE Expander /Levelling Stenter type SHAMAL, yoc 1998, table width 2000 mm., pins chain, steamer, 6 nozzles, steam heating, cooling unit, delivery folder /big roll / small roll / donkey back, new touchscreen.
1 ALEA Stenter Type Target 22.3, year 2002
Maximum working width 2200, 3 chambers, horizontal pin chain
Steam heating, speed 8-80 m/min
Suitable for knitted fabrics
1 MONFORTS Stenter, Type MONTEX 6 G/K + 6K
Year 1994, width 180 cm, 6 chambers, gas
With KUSTERS Padder Type 222-52-1800, year 1973
BIANCO Weft Straightener
1 MONFORTS Stenter Type MONTEX 6F, year 1999
useful width 220 cm, 6 chambers, gaz, pin chain
With BIANCO double squeeze padder, year 2000
MAHLO weft Straightener ORTHOMAT
1 BABCOCK Stenter frame, year 1988, Type 5805, working width 1.80 m
4 chambers, has heated, MAHLO weft straightener
1 BRUCKNER Stenter, year 1999, working width 1.80 m
12 chambers, gas heating, clip chain
KUSTERS padder, coating head
1 BABCOCK Stenter Type 5358-1600, year 1992
Width 2.20 m, equipped for knitted fabrics
Entry with La MECCANICA unwinder, centring device
BETA Padder year 1992 with 3 cylinders
6 chambers, gas, pin chain, delivery batcher
Without weft straightener and without weight measuring MAHLO
1 MONFORTS stenter Type MONTEX 5000, year 2003, working width 240 cm
6 chambers, gas heating, combined chain pins-clips
with at entrance IBG MONFORTS easy-brush unit working width 200 cm
PLEVA weft straightener working width 200 cm
MATTHYS/DATACOLOR foam applicator working width 200 cm + foam generator
1 MONFORTS Stenter Frame type MONTEX W/S-GK, year 1984
Working width 2 m, 4,5 chambers, gas heated, vertical pin chain
Padder, MAHLO weft straightener, selvedge gluing and trimming device
Cooling zone, plaiter, GOTZ 2 roller winder
1 SANTA LUCIA Stenter frame mod.TSRA-020V yoc 2000, roller width 2400 mm., blade width 2300 mm., w.width 2200 mm., without chain, input 4 compartments, dyathermic oil, aspiration system, output Bianco rolling up system, without padder, 1 coating head in input.

1 BRUCKNER Stenter frame, yoc 1972, width 500-1800 mm., 8 compartments with gas burners heating, only pins chain, speed 0-80 m./min., composed of:
Input with Berico unroller.
BETA Padder yoc 1972, 3 cylinders.
BIANCO Weftstraightener, mod. DIGITEX 80 R, yoc 1988.
1 KRANTZ Stenter frame yoc 1992, for knitting fabrics, w.width 2200 mm., 5 compartments, pins chain, gas heating, complete of:
-BIANCO Centering/Widener system.
-BETA Padder 3 cylinders.
-MAHLO Weftstraightener.

1 BABCOCK Stenter frame yoc 1976, width 3400 mm., pins chain, 5 compartments, gas heating, padder, weftstraightener.
1 Beams unrolling system.
1 J-BOX for controlled feeding, with compensator.
1 ARTOS Stenter frame mod. 5043/8/2000 yoc 1979, w.width 2000 mm., 8 compartments, horizontal pins chain, thermo oil heating, with CORINO Weftstraightener yoc 2003, BIANCO Padder yoc 1996, at 3 cylinders, for knitting and woven fabric.
1 BABCOCK Stenter frame mod.1026 yoc 1991, working width 2000 mm., roll width 2200 mm., 5 chambers, horizontal clip chain, gas heated with burners Maxon Valupak, entry field 3 mt., exit field with cooling zone, exit combination with tangential winder.

With extra price availabel also:
1 BETA Padder yoc 1991, 3 bowls.
1 MAHLO Weftstraightener yoc 2002.
FAMATEX - FERRARO line, composed of:
*1 FAMATEX stenter, working width 2200 mm., 3 chambers, steam or thermal oil heated, horizontal chain
*1 FERRARO open width compactor, type COMPTEX A, yoc 1995
*1 BETA double padder
1 KRANTZ Stenter frame yoc 1987/88, width 2200 mm., 6 compartments, oil heating, pins chain.
*1 KUSTER Padder.
*4 Pre-drying cylinders.
*1 Padder.
*1 Weftstraightener.

1 BABCOCK Stenter frame mod.5000-6800 yoc 1991, w.width 3200 mm., pins and clips chain, Dryer 7 compartments gas heating

1 KRANTZ Tier Stenter Type KM15, year 1992
Working width maxi 2000, vertical pin + clip chain
Chambers capacity 50 m, without padder
Gas heating
1 ALEA Tier stenter frame mod.S/11-70-M yoc 1990, suitables for weft-warp knitting fabric, w.width 2200 mm., 11 tiers, fabric capacity 70 m., 4 burners at methane gas, d.c. motors, autom. introduction, pins chain, speed from 8 to 80 m./min., autom. chain autom. lubrification, special conic compartment in input for knitting, without padder, without weftstraightener.

1 SANTA LUCIA Tier Stenter mod.WHITE 8.200.GAS yoc 1995, width 2000 mm., 8 ways, pins chain, gas heating 8 burners, delivery folding or batcher.

1 KRANTZ Tier Stenter, yoc 1980 fully revamped in 2009 ( new PLC control, chain replacement), fabric working width 1850 mm., steam heating 10 bars, max temp.160°C., composed of:
Introduction Padder BETA width 2100 mm.
Automatic weft straightener BIANCO, 6 heads.
PC Controls.
Automatic Rolling and Packing Unit.
1 KRANTZ Tier Stenter yoc 1980, w.width 1800 mm., pins chain reconditioned in yoc 2010, steam heating, inverter, BETA Padder, weftstraightener.
1 BABCOCK Multilayer stenter machine mdo.5012, for drying and termosetting of woven fabric, yoc 1992
- Rollers width 2.000 mm.
- Useful working width 1.800 mm.
- Oven gas heated
- Machine suitable for woven fabrics
- Fabric content in the oven: about 30 mt.
- Vertical chain with pins with antidepinning system
- System for enlarges and tighten chain arms made from Erhardt & Leimer
- Oven divided into two parts for the possibility of drying in the upper part and termosetting in the lower part
- Steam system for cleaning the chain
- Delivery fabric with pleiter and big roll devices
- Machine supplied without weft-straightener and padder

1 KRANTZ Tier Stenter frame yoc 1995, width from 800 to 2000 mm., 6 tiers, fabric capacity 42 m., 6 methane gas burners, speed 60 m./1'.
Complete with:
1 TMT Padder mod.3FC yoc 1995, table width 1800 mm., 2 rubber cylinders, 1 ebonite central cylinder, speed 80 m./1'.
1 CORINO Optical Weftstraightener mod.MK2 yoc 2002, table width 2000 mm., 4 heads.
1 BRUCKNER Tier Stenter frame yoc 1997, suitable for knitting fabric, w.width 1800 mm., pins chain, gas heating, with Thermoset OMT VMC12 yoc 2010, complete with:
*1 MAHLO ORTHOMAT Weftstraightner mod.RVMC12 4 heads.
*1 TMT Padder mod.F3C 18T yoc 1995, 3 cylinders, table width 2100 mm.
1 BRUCKNER Tier Stenter yoc 1997.
Interior fabric meters 68
Fabric width from 1 to 1.80 m. max.
Dryieng Temperature - depends on the liquid used- Company was processing at a max temp. of 175°C.
With batteries at steam-air exchange.
Equipped with heat recovery
Installed Power 157 Kw.

1 CORINO weft straightener, year 1997, Type SUPER N
Cylinder width 2.20 m

1 CORINO optical weftstraighter, type MK-2-MG4, yoc 2001, fabric width max 2000 mm., working speed 30 – 40 mt/min.
1 BIANCO Weft straightener mod.TRAMATEX SP02 yoc 1992, width 2000 mm., w.width 1800 mm., pins.
1 MAHLO Weftstraightener, mod. RFMC 94 H, yoc 1993, rollers width: 2.400 mm., working width: 2.200 mm, 4 optical heads, complete with video screen, dancing roller for synchronization.

1 MONTFORTS Sanforizing machine, year 1987
Width of rubber belt 180 cm
With its stenter
1 Palmer dia. 2000 mm
1 Steaming cylinder
1 WEKO Steamer width 2 m 07

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1 CIBITEX Sanforizing line, yoc 1991, w.width 1940 mm. w.w. 1.800 mm,, d.c. motors, max working speed 50 m/minute, composed of:
Input J-box.
Steaming cylinder
Expander stenter.
Shrinking section table 2000 mm.
Palmer dia. 2500 mm.
2 cooling cylinders 640 mm.
Mahlo control device.
Delivery J-box

1 MONFORTS Sanforizing machine reconditioned by Cibitex in 2001, w.width 1800 mm., composed of:
Introduction big roll.
Weco Humidifier
Mahlo optical l weftstraighter yoc 1990 about.
Monforts Sanforizing machine
Cibitex Palmer yoc 1999 about dia.1200 mm.
delivery axial rolling up system.

1 Sanforizing unit CIBITEX - year 2002 – suitable for knitted and woven fabrics
•Roller .width mm.2400
•Working width mm. 2200
•Entry with CORINO electronic “ tensionless” de-rolling unit controlled by Inverter ( year 2005)
•1 Steaming cylinder
•1 Expander rollers for knits - with double counter-rotating stainless steel cylinders to open-up the selvedges of the knitfabrics
•Rubber-belt shrinkage group with cylinder diameter mm. 640 – steam heated – with cooling system by water sprayers
•1 Drying cylinder diameter mm.640
•Exit with CORINO electronic”tensionless” big roll device controlled by Inverter (year 2005)
•1 Main power electric panel baord
•1 Electric panel board with all the functional pharameters control
•Rubber-belt emerizing unit – with cylinder group for grinding and its motor

1 OBERMAIER Belt Dryer, year 1992
Width 2.400 mm
4 gas burners
1 SALVADE' Belt Dryer yoc 1990, w.width 2000 mm., 2 compartments, gas heating, input and output in the same side.

1 BUSER Dryer mod.R 119.2015 yoc 1983, 2 compartments, methane gas burners.

1 FLEISSNER Fabric Dryer yoc 1990, w.width 1800 mm., 4 methane gas burners, BIANCO input and output group, speed 0-80 m./1'.

1 SALVADE' Conveyor belt dryer, mod. APD, width 3000 mm., w.width 2800 mm., 2 sections, gas heating, 380 Volts/50 Hz, water evaporated 900 kgs./h., entry and exit on the same side, folder on exit, with padder.

1 SALVADE' Cloth Dryer mod.AFL yoc 2001, table width 2000 mm., w.width 1800 mm., steam heating, cloth capacity 180 m., max temp.98°C.

1 SALVADE' Dryer type APD yoc 1989, width 2000 mm., thermo oil heating.
1 ARIOLI cloth dryer, yoc 1990, w. width 1800 mm., capacity 90/100 m., with sticks, diathermic oil heating.
1 ALEA Dryer for knitting fabric yoc 1982 about, cylinders width 2100 mm., w.width 2000 mm., input and output for open or tubular fabric, 2 compartments, gas heating.

1 Set of 2 COMET shearing machines in Tandem Type APELLE, year 1991
Cylinder width 160 cm, working width 160 cm, with 3 knives each
With exhausting device.
1 XETMA shearing machine, year 2003
Type XS 2/2000
Cylinder width 190 cm
2 knives
With its exhausting device
1 CROSTA Double Shearing mc., CMA-2, yoc 1973, reconditioned 2007, w.width 1800 mm., Banco Torres.

1 LAFER horizontal shearing machine, yoc 1990, w.width 1800 mm., 5 heads, Banco Torres
1 Complete autom. Inspecting and Shearing Line VOLLENWEIDER SUPER DUPLO X CC 3600 with EVS, yoc 2004, width 3600 mm.
1 Complete Inspecting and Shearing line VOLLENWEIDER SUPER DUPLO X CC 2600 with EVS, yoc 2004, width 2600 mm.
1 COGLIATI Yarn cutter /shearing yoc 1973, blade width 2000 mm., suitable for fabric yarn cutting after embroidery and jacquard weaving, independent aspiration.
1 MARIO CROSTA Shearing machine year 2009, working width 2000mm ( shearing cylinder 2000mm ) controlled by inverters and plc , with touch screen.
1 SPEROTTO RIMAR Loop steamer, Type STABILA, year +/- 1995
Belt width 230 cm, working width 220 cm
1 ARIOLI Loop Steamer, year 1988
working width 2 m 60, cloth capacity: 60 m
1 ARIOLI Laboratory Steamer type LABO, HT standard, with padder, yoc 1989, w.width 600 mm.

-Arioli - Italy
-Model 3184
-Year 1997

1 ARIOLI Steamer reconditioned as new in 2015, working width 2000 mm., fabric capacity 250 m., thermo oil and steam heating, temp.170°C.
1 BISIO Steaming Shrinking Machine, model VAPOSHRINK M2, year 2001, roller width 1950 mm, working width 1800 mm., working speed 0-30 mt/min, double steaming tunnel with fabric 9 meters, low-power steam system with recirculation, fabric bends automatic control, drivers and work parameters control by PLC and touch screen.
1 MACOTEX Inspecting machine, year 1991, working width 1800 mm, dia. 600 m,
outside diameter mini tube: 40 mm, maximum tube length 1850 mm,
Speed in forward gear variable from 0 to 60 m / min
Reverse with programmable fixed speed
2 COMATEX inspection machines, year 2002, Type ISP 180 CQ
Cylinder width 1.80
Screen width 1.60m

- 1 OFFRI Rolling up machine mod.LM74 yoc 1970 abt., width 2000 mm.

1 AB CALATOR Inspecting mc. for tubular, AS 1000, rolls width 1100 mm., mirrors
PLM Inspection and Winding up plant for fabric and non-woven mod.ROTRON yoc 1994, autom. packing, max speed 80 ml/min., max dia. exit rolls 120 cms, with weighing system in output, 2 autom. centering devices, 11 blades, cutting-sewing.

LA MECCANICA Inspecting machine, type LM 83, yoc 2005, feeding roll max. diam. 1500 mm., feeding big roll max weight 1000 – 2000 KG., useful width 5200 /5400 mm., cylinders 5400 /5600 mm., output delivery roll diam. min. 150 – max. 1200 mm., output roll weight max. 80 – 100 kg., double engine, light table, electronic countermeter, manual packaging device.
1 LA MECCANICA Inspecting line for fabric control, table width 2200 mm., composed of:
- 6 inspecting devices, mod LM83/F/PR
- packing device conveyers
-7 unloading units
- plc control
Programs have been updated in 2005.
2 EUROMETALLICA electrical inspecting tables, width 2000 mm., from folder to folder or from roll to roll
1 Electrical inspecting table, from folder to folder
3 Manual tables, inclinable surface and light
2 Trestles for rolls support
1 Chain stitch sewing machine
1 Forklift, 1400 kg
1 MT Inspecting machine mod.C3/B yoc 2007.2000 mm
Details herewith attached (annexees)
1 OEMA Inspecting machine, mod. CV3M, yoc 1986, w. width 3600 mm., axial inlet dewinder for big roll, inlet compensator, heat cutting 4 units motorized device, automatic expulsion of the inspection roll.
1 TECNOTEAM Inspecting machine mod.SPTM yoc 2008.
- max fabric w.width 2200 mm., cylinders 2400 mm., driving with 3 motors.
- working speed from 0 to 60 m./min. adjustable by potentiometer.
- buttons drive forward/stop/back and speed adjustment potentiometer placed on articulated arm to allow easy operation.
- photocell stop at the end of the piece.
- tilting table length 2500 mm. with pneumatic unloading system
- electronic counter meter
- widener
- alignment group drived by photocell.
- rolling up on 2 rollers rub covered for roll dia. 500 mm., rotoli di 500
- motorized rolls
- autom. unloading
- electronic weighing

Price: make offer.

1 TECNOTEAM Rolling and Inspecting machine mod. SPATU4U yoc 2008, unwinding on big roll.
- max w.width of the fabric 2200 mm., cylinders 2400 mm.
- working speed from 0 to 60 m./min. adjustable by potentiometer.
- photocell stop at the end of the piece.
- electronic weighing.
- introduction structure to favor the sewing with automatic rectilinear sewing/cutting machine PugiGroup mod. TC 14 XL
- 2nd autom.sewing /cutting PugiGroup mod. TC 14 XL
- electronic countermeters.
- aligning fabric group.
- rolling up on 2 rollers rub for rolls diam. mm. 280,

- n. 1 Aligning cylinder.
- n. 2 Cylinders “S” motorized.
- Widener cylinder.
- 2nd electronic countermeter.

Price: make offer.
1 ATF Line for control, rolling and packaging, yoc 1995/6, table width 2200 mm., w. width 1900 mm., composed of:
n.1 PRECISA inspecting table, LABELTEX defects marking, axial or tangential roller, weighing
n.1 Inspecting table, LABELTEX defects marking, Macbeth 545 Color checker, automatic rolling roll change, cutting and strapping of the roll, weighing, automatic labeling.
n.1 belt for rolls feeding from outside the line.
n.1 automatic packaging machine PLAST 4000, sealing bar 2600 mm., closing of the sides, automatic labelling of the packed roll and discharge in 3 boxes.
n.1 line for packaging of rolls in box with weighing and strapping.
Make offer if real interest.
2 OEMA Inspecting machines, width 2000 mm.
Make offer if real interest.

1 TESTA Rolling machine yoc 1986, width 3200 mm.
1 R. ZETA Rolling up machine for knitting fabric, mod.ALPHA 3 yoc 2002, width 2200 mm.

1 ATF Rolling machine, mod. PRECISA, yoc 1999, for knitting fabric, working width 2200 mm., feeding roll, delivery roll, with drived belt.
1 SIMAT Inspecting machine yoc 1988.
1 CASTELLI Rolling up machine mod.AR04F yoc 2000, nominal width 3800 mm., working speed from 0 to 50 m./min., electronic countermeter, feeding from little roll, winding on little roll with max dia.600 mm., rotary magasin 12 positions for the stocking of rolls to be inspected.

20 NUOVA FORMIA Weaving Inspecting machines with accumulation, (19) yoc 1999 and (1) yoc 1998, width 2100 mm., max roll dia.900 mm.., batcher delivery.
1 MAGETRON semi-automatic cross hemming machine, year 2017
With 2 label devices (Delta and Normal)
JUKI chainstitch ( but all part for lockstich are available)
with automatic bobbin changer
1 MAGETRON semi-automatic cross hemming, year 2017, with 1 label device (normal)
JUKI chainstitch ( but all part for lockstich are available)
with automatic bobbin changer

1 PIZZARDI Folding machine yoc 1987, width 3300 mm., 4 longitudinal folds, 1 way-3 cross.

2 RI.MA.C. SORFILA 4T Hemming machine yoc 2005, for napkin with round corner and/or right angle.
Each machine process for 8 hours about n.1000 pieces.

1 MAGETRON Line for cutting, transversal edging and labeling of terry towels, type MITHO 2002, yoc 2000
Machine can work in single or in double width:
-Single work: width min. 30 cm. – max 180 cm.; length min. 30 cm. – max 250 cm
-Double work: width min. 30 cm. – max 85 cm.; length min. 30 cm. – max 250 cm
Theoretical production, for a product of 1 meter long x max. width 56 cm.:
-single work: 520 pieces/hour
-double work: 800 pieces/hour

1 LECTRA machine mod. VT-TT-FX-72 yoc 2008, with cad position for cutting all the designs
1 MONTI machine yoc 1995, for cutting different sizes + palletising.

1 MAGETRON, yoc 1998, for cutting and finishing on 4 edges, width mat from 500 to 800 mm., and length from 650 to 1850 mm., it depends from the size but the production usually is 400 pcs per hour, one working person. The machine puts automatically the label. There is the possibility to produce only mats or one mat and 2 contours (the contours are already finishing on 3 borders with the hole). The machine can cut automatically placed mats, because it can see the small ink black line put during the tufting process.

1 MAGETRON, yoc 1988, for cutting and finishing on 4 edges, width mat from 500 to 900 mm., and length 800 to 1750 mm., it depends from the size but the production usually is 280 pcs per hour, one working person. The machine puts automatically the label.

1 OMS Semi-automatic packing line composed of:
-Motorized roller conveyor in input with sensor for pallet presence.
-Pallet Wrapper with stretch film, max pallet dimensions: 1200x1400 x h.1500 mm., spare set of pre-stretch film gears, pressor stable.
-Motorized roller conveyor in output with loading boxes and weighing system certified "M green" for the sale.
-Vertical Strapping machine
-Motorized roller conveyor in output with sensor for pallet presence.
-Grating barriers and photoelectrics for safety of the line.
-CE certification of all components.

1 LAZZATI Doubling/Paletising machine yoc 1986, input width 3100 mm., delivery width 2000 mm.
1 FERBER Paletising machine, with selvedges guiding system, yoc 2004/5
input 4000 mm doubling and palletizing 1200 mm height
1 FERBER Paletising machine, yoc 2004/5
input 4000 mm doubling and paletizing 1200 mm height
1 Tumbler “FLAINOX” - model EVF – Yoc 2001 - Loading capacity 75 Kg. – stainless steel basket; diameter 1250 mm.; depth 1200 mm.; Gas Heating; machine with time/temperature control; complete with external filter can be easily removed for cleaning; Tension 380/50 Hz. Dimensions: mm. 1770 width - mm. 1765 depth - mm. 2440 height

2 ESTAR Tumbler Dryers yoc 1980 about, updated 2006, capacity 30/40 kgs., steam heating.
1 ALVE Tumbler Dryer, type TDR 0290 – TYPE 25, for pigments treatment, yoc 2012, working capacity 25 kgs., speed 3-30 turns/min., basket diam. 970 mm. – capacity 640 dm3, complete by electric panel with working cycles programmer type EWTT2
1 ALVE Tumbler Dryer, type TDR 0291 – TYPE 120, to dry died pieces, yoc 2012, working capacity 120 kgs., operating by steam, speed 3-25 turns/min., basket coated with metal sheet for treatment of pigments /Fade effect, basket diam. 1460 mm. – capacity 240 dm3, complete by electric panel with working cycles programmer type EWTT2
1 THIES ROTO TUMBLER 140/2 yoc 1995, 2 ropes x 250 m., programmer SETEX 737
2 EBB ESTAR tumble dryers, type FEO 5660, equipped with filters
1 EBB ESTAR tumble dryer, type FEO 4242, equipped with filters
2 TRIVENETA Tumblers 80 kgs. working with steam
1 TRIVENETA Tumbler 60/50 kg. working with steam

5 LAVENDA Tumblers 40 kgs, gas.
1 COMINTEX Continuous Tumbler mod.SIMPLEX, 1 Chamber, cylinders width 2200 mm.; gas heating, entry with brake and centering with turning bar, control system of tension fabric with load cell, Dogal on Exit; Folded Group, electric panel Termoelettronica, tension 380/50 HZ
1 COMINTEX Continuous Tumbler mod.SIMPLEX, 1 Chamber, cylinder width 2000 mm, gas heating, control system of tension fabric with load cell, Dogal on Exit, Folded Group, Electric panel Termoelettronica, Tension 380/50 HZ
1 SANTEX Tumbler mod.SANTASOFT yoc 2008, table width 2000 mm.
1 AVANTEC Washing, Dyeing, Drying unit, Tumbler AVANTEC, year 2007
For garment made (pants or bath mat), consisting of:
- 1 AVANTEC Type TURBO PINTORA 2.2, capacity from 70 to 150 kg according to articles
- 1 AVANTEC Tumbler Type SERTAO 2.5

Laboratory Equipment:
1 AVANTEC Dyeing machine, Type MAMBO T6, year 2007, electrical heating
2 CISSEL Tumbler Dryers, year +/- 1998, drum diameter 70 cm
1 IPSO Washing machine year 2007, Type HC100, capacity 10 kg
1 KRISTALL Crushing machine mod.FAPA CONTICRASH
1 GASTON SYSTEMS Foaming machine, type CFS10STD FOAM, yoc 2014, w. width max. 1650 mm.
1 O.M.S. GROUP Tower Scrubber yoc 2008, 4500 cubic meters/h.